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Valuable Cargo

A valuable cargo is a consignment that contains one or more of the following articles:

  • Any article having a declared value of carriage of USD1,000.00 (or equivalent) or more, per gross kilogram;
  • Gold bullion (including refined and unrefined gold in ingot form), dore bullions, gold specie and gold in a form of grain, sheet, foil, powder, sponge, wire, rod, tube, circles, moldings and castings, platinum, platinum metals(Palladium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium and rhodium) and platinum alloys in the form of grain, sponge, bar, ingot sheet, rod, wire, gauze, tube and strip ( but excluding those radioactive isotopes of the above metals and alloys which are subject to restricted articles labeling requirements);
  • Diamonds (including diamonds for industrial use), rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals and real pearls (including cultured pearls);
  • Jewelry consisting of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, opals and real pearls (including cultured pearls);
  • Articles made of gold and/or platinum, other than gold and/or platinum plated.


  1. a.    Ensure proper packing of the cargo with consideration of on the following:
  •  Packing must be in such a manner that the contents cannot be tampered with or removed without visible evidence consequently  remaining;
  •  Use inner cushioning material to protect the contents against cracks or breaks and to prevent movement within the package;
  •  Ensure outer packing is strong/durable enough to prevent accidental opening during normal handing;


  1. b.    Do not indicate in the outer packing that valuables are contained within the package

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